Yoga, Nursing, and Nurse Entrepreneurship


On January 30th, 2012, we were blessed to have the famous nurse entrepreneur Annette Tersigni, also known as The Yoga Nurse, gracing the virtual airwaves through the vehicle of RN.FM Radio.

During this exciting episode of RN.FM Radio, Annette spoke at length about nursing, nurses, nurse entrepreneurship, and the tools that nurses need to prevent burnout, recover from burnout, or break into the world of nurse entrepreneurship. (Kevin also waxed poetic during the show regarding Annette’s wonderful YouTube videos about the magic of green smoothies and juicing! We may have to send Kevin to North Carolina for a special class!)

Annette is a former cover-girl, model and Hollywood actress who eschewed her life of glamor for a life of service that she calls “sacred service“. As a yoga teacher, Annette was quite familiar with the power of yoga to transform lives, and she has now brought the specialty of “Yoga Nursing” to an increasingly enthusiastic fan-base of nurses (and other health care professionals) yearning for something more in their personal and professional lives.

Through trainings, retreats, trainings, and one-on-one mentoring and coaching, Annette delivers the goods on how to live a healthier life and bring that vibrancy to others, including patients, fellow nurses, family members, or even the corporate world.

You can listen to her interview on RN.FM Radio by clicking here, and we encourage you to visit her website at

Thanks again to Annette for her insight, enthusiasm, and advocacy for nurses and their health and well-being. Annette is grooming and inspiring dozens of nurses for entrepreneurship, and she is one of the “sage nurses” who move through the world bestowing their blessings on those of us willing to heed their wisdom.



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