Yoga Nursing Essentials: A Revolution in Nursing Education and Entrepreneurship


Keith and I are fortunate to meet and interview some incredible nurses out there that are doing amazing things for the patient populations we serve, and for the other nurses out there that want to make a difference in their personal and professional lives. Annette Tersigni, The Yoga Nurse™ was one of our first guests on RNFM Radio  and we’re honored to have developed a lasting relationship because of her involvement on the show.

We always give our guests an opportunity to promote current and future projects that they’re working on, and we are sincere here at RNFM when we invite past guests back to either write for the blog, come back to the show, or to allow us the opportunity to promote a new venture they are launching. Well, Keith and I are aware of Annette’s investment and we’re excited to share this with you.

A post from The Yoga Nurse™

Big anniversary guest post here for RNFM. Last year around this time, I had a blast with your team as one of your very first interviews.

We talked about: nurse/patient stress, anxiety, pain and suffering, nurse entrepreneurship, Yoga Nursing™, and how nurses could be make a difference, and get paid what they’re worth by becoming experts in stress relief and back safety.

Many seasoned and new nurses are looking to make a change in their career and their lives– a way to be heard, more authentically powerful, and most of all, deeply appreciated for their services.

YN Behavior


Recently, I was a featured speaker at a huge nursing convention in NYC. The convention was called ZEN AND THE ART OF BEDSIDE NURSING. I introduced the basic concepts of Yoga Nursing to stressed out nurse heroes including labor and leadership to a wildly successful reception. Many of them were part of the Hurricane Sandy disaster evacuations of local hospitals and loved the simple teachings I shared with them; simple stuff that they could use immediately to feel better and at peace…instead of falling to pieces. Since then, many have signed up for my in depth live and online trainings or have invited me to train their nurses on site at various health centers.


Every week I get letters from nurses from all over the world who are fascinated with the possibilities of combining nursing and yoga therapy. Many are unable to attend my live trainings, or participate in one on one mentoring and seek my guidance.


They want to know HOW TO DO WHAT I DO. Then it hit me like a thunderbolt. What if I created an online, digital program that nurses could do from home, in their PJs even? Somethingthat was totally affordable, give ‘em a tax deduction, and lots of education credits too.


So that’s what I did in an outpouring of a totally cool, innovative style of nursing education, chock full of multi-media feel good, fun and EASY teachings. Something safe, proven that any nurse could do and teach it to their patients. Happy. Happy 🙂


*Serving your self first is the heart & soul of your selfless service to others.

It is gratifying to see that nursing education AND national nursing symposiums are finally focusing on Self Care for Caregivers. I am humbled to know that I am part of that revolution in nursing education.

I am offering a special GIFT to my friends at RNFM– a *free taste of Yoga Nursing Essentials.  DO DOWNLOAD my 18-minute Intro from MODULE 1 in the ESSENTIALS, an audio MP3 recording from a live training I gave to nurses at the famous Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health.

Guaranteed to inspire and instruct! It will give you the big picture of how Yoga Nursing is making a difference in thousands of lives. I truly hope it serves you and makes a difference in yours.

At the end of the day, I ask myself these 3 questions.

Did I love?

Did I serve?

Did I make a difference?”


How about you?

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Twitter: @theyoganurse



the yoga nurse
the yoga nurse

Gratitude to you for sharing this with the RNFM world. Truly hope it serves, enlightens and inspires! 

the yoga nurse
the yoga nurse

Gratitude to you for sharing this with the RNFM world. Truly hope it serves, enlightens and inspires!