The Writing on the Wall Series Pt 1: EPS 160


On episode 160 of RNFM Radio, you’ll find Elizabeth Scala, Kevin Ross, and Keith Carlson, the happy “trifecta” of savvy nurse podcasters, coming your way over the digital airwaves.

New Resident Rollover

Being recorded on the 1st of July, Kevin pointed out that this is the traditional day when new medical residents enter the fray as the new kids on the block in hospitals throughout the United States. Feel free to check out an article on the Scrubs Magazine website focused on the idea of this special day.

Keith, Kevin, and Elizabeth all agreed that treating these new green docs with compassion and kindness is paramount, and it can be nurses’ place to assure that cooperation and collaboration are instilled into these relationships from the start.

What’s Trending in Nurse Entrepreneurship?

Elizabeth describes attending the recent annual conference of the American Holistic Nurse Association (AHNA) in Branson, MO, as well as her new role on the AHNA’s Board of Directors. She notes that many nurses attending the conference are themselves nurse entrepreneurs, whether or not they use that entrepreneur moniker to describe themselves.

Keith, Kevin, and Elizabeth all agreed that more and more nurses are interested in business and entrepreneurship, and there are many nurses taking risks in moving into that entrepreneurial space.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth experienced an “aha moment” during the show, realizing that there are indeed so many nurses out there who want to be a nurse in unique ways, and she wants to talk about that notion more publicly. People come to her with questions about how to get out of nursing due to burnout or being tired of bedside nursing, whereas she tries to turn the conversation more towards what they want, not what they want to run away from. Nurses are also being more nimble in terms of moving towards an integrative model of health and healing.

Kevin brings up the notion of choice, holding ourselves accountable for what we want, not just what we don’t want.

For all three of our cohosts, understanding one’s relative level of risk aversion as a nurse and nurse entrepreneur is very helpful, as is the idea of having multiple streams of income when we’re moving forward on multiple endeavors or avenues. Both Keith and Elizabeth work as nurses while developing entrepreneurial ventures, and there’s a great deal of strategy in terms of how to move even more deeply into their businesses in the coming year. Kevin runs his own companies, so he has no employer, per se (unless he views himself as an employee of his company).

The Nursing Podcast Roundup

Elizabeth shares that her brand new podcast, “Your Next Shift”, will launch in August, featuring spirited interviews with nurse entrepreneurs that she respects and admires. It will feature

Elizabeth’s three personal life pillars are fun, freedom, and simplicity, and her podcast is a vehicle for her to re-purpose some of her awesome content in the form of a podcast. She has been very inspired by a financial podcast (“So Money”) that Kevin loves, and she recognizes her skill in eliciting the best from people who she interviews. We’re super excited about this launch!

Meanwhile, Kevin is launching a new brand, website, and podcast that is outside of the nursing ecosystem. He relishes “the uphill climb” and will share that process with us along the way, not to mention the identity of this soon-to-be-launched brand! It will be focused on branding and entrepreneurship, so stay tuned for news from Kevin!

For his part, Keith describes the career-oriented focus of his podcast, “The Nurse Keith Show“, and how each episode offers a distinct and specific subject pertaining to nurses’ careers. With 22 episodes “in the can”, the show will continue to offer what nurses need and want to hear about managing their careers.

Remain Awake and Aware

Overall, the take-away is to remain present, awake, and aware in your life and career. Keith, Kevin, and Elizabeth will continue to bring more inspiration and conversation to your ears in the months and years to come!


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