Turn the Dial: The evolution of the Internet in the last decade [Infographic]


Here at RN.FM I wanted to take a moment to go ahead and start off with a new series, Turn the Dial. This is where we take a brief look into our rearview to remember the roads we’ve traveled, the amazing people we’ve met along the way, the stories we’ve discussed on and off the air, and of course a look ahead at the opportunities that are right in front of us. Being the professed geek that I am, it certainly seems apropos to bring a blend of technology into this first post.

Through the powers of social media (and Anna Morrison) Keith and I were able to meet, co-found a radio show, and have the fortunate opportunity to provide a platform where we get to showcase the paradigm shift that is occurring in our profession and the healthcare industry. The foundation to build such a platform is of course a big thanks to the evolution of the Internet. The Infographic below is just a glimpse into what the last 10 years have been like and Keith and I are able to extend our reach getting the content right to you because of platforms like Blog Talk Radio, iTunes, Facebook, and Twitter. This Infographic is courtesy of Best Education Sites.


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