Top 5 Tips and Advice for Tricky Interview Questions


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If you’re looking for your first job after graduation, then mastering tricky interview questions is a vital step towards success. Whether you are looking for nursing or doctor jobs or general healthcare jobs in the public or private healthcare sector, be prepared to gain the edge.

Can you tell us about your weaknesses?

This is an absolute classic, and asks that you reveal your flaws. The trick here is to find a positive angle, possibly giving an example of a great strength that can also lead to a weakness. For example, if you are an excellent communicator, do you struggle to manage poor communication from others?

What would make you a success in this role?

Don’t see this as a chance to brag about your incredible talent. Instead, match your skills and strengths to the requirements of the role. Be specific and tailor your answer carefully, making sure you have carried out thorough research and preparation to show that you understand the overt and nuanced requirements of the role.

Have you experienced any difficulties in a previous role?

Healthcare jobs come with the same challenges as corporate roles in terms of conflicts and difficulties. This question tests your ability to be diplomatic. Always avoid being negative about a former employer and avoid dropping yourself in it. Either say that you have always had positive experiences or use an example of a tricky situation that you worked to actively resolve.

Tells us about an instance where you managed a significant crisis.

Doctor jobs require crisis management, so think carefully about a strong example, whether or not it is aligned to your work experience or within another sphere of your life experience.

What is your five-year plan?

This is also a chance to show that you have researched the role well and understand the trajectory of the career path. Show enthusiasm for progression, but not at the expense of the role being recruited for. You can see great progression examples at <a href=””></a>.

What things do you find motivating?

This allows you to talk about the things you do well and the things you enjoy. Draw on specific examples that you can relate to the role.

How do you approach time management and task organization?

Don’t simply talk about an instance where you did this well. Talk about your approach and strategies for time management and task prioritisation, being specific and factual.

Can you tell us about a time when you needed to show initiative?

Again, be specific. Don’t talk about an idea or concept that has never been delivered. Talk about a time when you devised the solution to a difficult situation or opportunity and put it into action. Make sure you explain the outcome of your action and any learning points.

How do you demonstrate lateral thinking?

This asks you to demonstrate how you use creative thinking to approach situations in a new way and devise innovative solutions. Be authentic and give plenty of detail, remembering to tailor it to the type of healthcare or doctor jobs that you are applying for.


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