The Newest Version of the RN.FM Radio Story


We’d like to share the newest version of the birth of RN.FM Radio that we’ve put together. You heard it here first, folks!

RN.FM Radio was the brainchild of Anna Morrison, Kevin Ross and Keith Carlson, three nurse entrepreneurs who met through social media and shared a dream of a new vision for the future of the nursing profession.

The show was conceived in December of 2011, with Morrison, Ross and Carlson experiencing a mutual epiphany that an internet radio show by, for, and about nurses would be the most powerful tool for advancing their collective vision.

RN.FM Radio’s mission is to expand the conversation about nursing, broadening nurses’ understanding of the power and limitless potential of the profession.

Launched with great fanfare on January 9th, 2012, RN.FM Radio quickly garnered positive attention through the magic interconnectivity of social media. Due to the three hosts’ strong individual online presences, a great deal of mutual positive regard was immediately generated about RN.FM Radio, with dozens of savvy nurses and nurse entrepreneurs around the United States weighing in regarding the show’s positive and far-reaching potential impact.

From the beginning, nurse entrepreneurs, bloggers, writers, coaches and nursing thought leaders were drawn to the show’s format of interviews, opinion and commentary. The hosts of RN.FM Radio quickly became known as interviewers who bring out the best in their guests, facilitating meaningful and in-depth conversations, including real-time Tweetchats and listener participation through a live call-in line.

In its first year, RN.FM Radio broadcast 44 episodes, enjoying the presence of many guests who are well-known and widely respected nursing luminaries, including authors Carol Gino and Theresa Brown, and Dr. Victoria Rich, the Chief Nurse Executive at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

With the departure of Ms. Morrison in April of 2012, Ross and Carlson have continued to helm the show as a dynamic radio duo, and the consistent praise from many quarters of the nursing profession demonstrates that the hosts have hit a nerve with nurses and nursing students alike.

The listeners of RN.FM Radio are widely aligned with an expanded vision of what nursing is and what nurses can accomplish–either at the bedside or in less traditional roles. The continued growth of the show’s listenership and reach is a testament to the fact that RN.FM Radio delivers a message that its target audience truly wants to hear.

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