The National Nurses in Business Association


By Pat Bemis, President of the NNBA

This post is to introduce the RN.FM Radio community to the National Nurses in Business Association (NNBA). RN.FM Radio co-hosts Keith Carlson and Kevin Ross will be presenting at the 28th Annual Nurses in Business Educational Conference in Orlando, Florida, on October 5 and 6, 2013. The title of their presentation will be “Cross-Pollination: Collaboration on Steroids”. RN.FM Radio will also play an active part in the conference by podcasting via social media during this exciting weekend experience for nurses from around the country.

David Norris, a critical care nurse from Petaluma, California, founded the National Nurses in Business Association in 1985 as “The Nurse Entrepreneur’s Exchange: The Newsletter for Business-Minded Nurses“. The print newsletter provided a networking arena for nurse entrepreneurs and kept them updated on healthcare business opportunities. By April of 1989, the Exchange evolved into the National Nurses in Business Association. The NNBA grew quickly with national workshops and seminars. Our member benefits and services are funded entirely by membership and product sales. We do not ask our members for monetary donations or to spend their valuable time on committees.

I became involved with the NNBA in 1999 after I wrote a book on the emergency nursing care process. The writing process increased my knowledge and greatly improved my nursing skills. I was determined to publish the book and share my knowledge with other nurses.

During my search for information on how to publish, print, distribute and sell the book, someone referred me to the NNBA. The president at that time was Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio and she provided me with the information I needed to self-publish the book and reap the rewards of my work.

When the association was looking for a new president, I jumped at the chance to share what I had learned from this group of nurse entrepreneurs. I am currently the corporate president of the NNBA, and this role allows me to promote and sell my products and services while providing continuing education and support for nurses in business. I also plan and manage the annual conference.

The NNBA annual conference is a gathering of nurse entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs-to-be, self-employed nurses, and nurses in business promoting RN independence. Join us at the conference to discover emerging nurse opportunities, to sharpen your business skills, and to gain valuable insights into the world of nurse entrepreneurship.

Hope to see you there,


Patricia Ann Bemis, RN CEN LHRM

President, National Nurses In Business Association Inc.


Pat was our guest on RN.FM Radio in early 2012. Please click here to listen to the archived version of that interview.