The Balancing Act


Please enjoy this guest post by Sharon Weinstein, one of our esteemed 2014 RNFM Radio guests!

Think about it – you are only as good as you are balanced!  And your workplace plays a pivotal role in your ability to be well, feel well, and live well.  A workplace is only as good as how it treats its workers.   Let’s explore this concept of wellness as it relates to nurses and nursing.  After all, now more than ever before, the coveted ‘life in balance’ may be out of reach.  I thought about this as I prepared for the RNFM Radio show; I thought about the many listeners who struggled to make time for themselves, and realized their limitations.

A crisis exists today. Millions of people are unwell, suffering from the stresses that are part of modern living: lack of sleep, poor nutrition (and obesity), exposure to dangerous pollutants, no exercise, and time pressures. And people — millions of people — are looking for solutions.  Nurses, at the forefront of providing care for others, are among the millions seeking solutions for themselves.  How can nurses continue to be the best they can possibly be to family, patients, employers and others pulling them in multiple directions?  Balancing work and personal life can be a challenging task in the current American cultural climate. As nurses, we work more hours, have less time for ourselves, and we face a sense of urgency.  How do you become resilient?  Here are some ideas:

  • Create a personal environment that sustains you. Let it lift you up rather than set you up (for failure)
  • Bounce back as needed. Don’t let minor setbacks hold you back.
  • Be mindful of the present and move forward.
  • Know when to ask for help and where to get it.

Make priorities. Just as you prioritize each day in the work setting, prioritize within your life. The balance between work and life is a reflection of the balance within you. Life/work balance is a barometer for wellbeing – personal, professional, family and community well-being. To maintain that delicate life/work balance, try these simple, yet doable, suggestions:

  • Simplify your life
  • Eliminate stress
  • Negotiate for a balanced workplace
  • Maintain a good sense of humor
  • Dream big dreams
  • Master the fine art of list-making, but make your lists TO DO, and MUST DO

Identify those things that must be done and those that can wait. Identify the groups to which you must belong, and those for which you must volunteer your time and efforts. Even though there is so much to do and so little time, take time for yourself and make balance a part of your daily routine!  So, my colleagues – be well, feel well, and live well.  It is time to balance your act!


Sharon M. Weinstein, MS, RN, CRNI, FACW, FAAN is passionate about living longer and living well. Sharon’s name is synonymous with work/life balance. As a thought leader, she used her nursing platform to educate others, enrich their lives, and empower them to achieve balance in their own lives. She is a prolific speaker and trainer! She is the author of “B is for Balance, 12 steps to achieving balance at home and at work“. Work/life balance is what she does – every day! You can find Sharon by clicking here or calling 847 274 2946.