The Art of Nursing


Well folks, Nurses Week is almost here, and we want you to know that both Kevin and Keith are taking part in a special online event that you don’t want to miss. This event is “The Art of Nursing” and will be hosted by none other than our friend, Elizabeth Scala.

Art of Nursing Banner 300x200

Here’s a description of “The Art of Nursing” in Elizabeth’s words from the event’s website:

“The Art of Nursing is designed for individual nurses and nursing students worldwide, as well as the organizations that serve them – hospitals, nursing groups and associations, and nursing schools.

“The Art of Nursing is a four-day, online series that provides busy nurses with practical tips for stress reduction, improved mindfulness and attention to the present moment, better time management, and more!

“It’s an exclusive gathering of nurse pioneers, educators, and consultants with specific knowledge and expertise to help you get back to the healing, patient-focused practice envisioned by Florence Nightingale.”

Speakers during the week-long event include old friends of RNFM Radio, including Donna Cardillo, Beth Boynton, Lorie Brown, Vicki Hess, Renee Thompson and many others. Additionally, each evening there will be a live broadcast “wrap up” of the day’s events with “guest host synthesizers”, including Keith Carlson, Kevin Ross and RNFM Radio alumnae Laurel Lewis and Phyllis Quinlan.

And guess what? The event is approved for 9 contact hours for nurses! What could better than that?

This is how Elizabeth says you’ll feel after participating in this fabulous event:

  • Refreshed, unburdened, and energized in your body, mind, and spirit.
  • Appreciated, valued, and confident of the positive impact you’re making in the world.
  • Present and capable of being fully “in the moment” – both on the job and at home.
  • Motivated and inspired to advocate on behalf of your patients and fellow nurses.
  • Connected to and bolstered by a network of likeminded nurse professionals.

Our intrepid hostess adds:

“Imagine going back to work after this week and feeling excited instead of sighing or wishing for the end of your shift. Envision yourself feeling capable and ready to deal with whatever the workplace sends your way because the Art of Nursing has left you feeling cloaked in strength and wisdom and community.

So, it seems there’s nothing to do but register and participate, and you can even apply for scholarships to defer the (already affordable) cost of attendance.

Click here to register, and we’ll see you during Nurses Week 2014!