Teri Mills of The National Nursing Network Organization


On Monday, July 9th, Teri Mills, MS, CNE, RN of the National Nursing Network Organization (NNNO) will be our guest on RN.FM Radio to discuss the exciting and important campaign to establish a National Nurse for Public Health within the Public Health Service.

Teri is the President of the Executive Board of the NNNO, which is dedicated to insuring that the same quality of health care afforded to past generations of Americans is available to future generations. She introduced the concept for a National Nurse in an op/ed published in the New York Times in 2005.

The mission of the NNNO is to promote, encourage, and support a National Nurse for Public Health and other projects that promote wellness and disease prevention.

HR 3679, The National Nurse Act of 2011, is making its way through Congress and gaining momentum and co-signers on a regular basis. We urge all nurses to support this effort and help to get this legislation passed.

Most recently, Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther of the New York State Assembly introduced K957, “Urging the New York State Congressional delegation to support HR 3679, known as The National Nurse Act of 2011” on June 19, 2012.

Gunther stated:

Nurses already incorporate teaching as a cornerstone of nursing care no matter where that care is being delivered. In addition, nursing interventions that promote health are powerful tools for prevention in community settings,” states Gunther. “Furthermore, the Gallup poll indicates year after year that Americans listen to nurses about their health. We believe the nursing profession has the expertise, the skills and the commitment needed to shift the tide towards prevention and begin to improve our nation’s health at a time when chronic preventable conditions are occurring at astronomical rates.

Teri Mills adds:

There is overwhelming evidence supporting the critical need to boost health promotion and prevention efforts as well as answer the public demand for increased leadership in nursing. HR 3679 will bring forth the significant and trusted voice of the nurse to the ongoing conversation about health and health care in America.

To listen to the show (live or archived) on RN.FM Radio, please follow this link. We also recommend checking out the NNNO blog.