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Sofie Berga: From Nurse to Children’s Book Author

On Monday, February 25th, RN.FM Radio will be thrilled to have Sofie Berga as our guest. Sofie is a nurse who has created a line of books that are specifically geared towards children who are undergoing medical, surgical or diagnostic procedures. Sofie was born in Denmark and raised by two Special Ed teachers. Her father…

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My public support for Amanda Trujillo

Friend and colleague, Jennifer Olin, a writer at, asked what made me choose to support Amanda Trujillo publicly and put my name and reputation on the line for her. Below is my response: I chose to publicly speak out on behalf of Amanda Trujillo, because Amanda’s case is really not about her at all.…

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Nurse Bloggers For Amanda Trujillo

Andrew Lopez, RN, Founder of the Nurse Friendly Directories and fellow blogger advocating for Amanda Trujillo. Carol Gino, New York Times’ Bestselling Author and Nurse Leader¬†advocating for Amanda Trujillo. Kevin Ross, Nurse Entrepreneur, fellow Nurse Blogger and Co-Host at RN.FM Radio advocating for Amanda Trujillo. Michael Pergrem, “Coach Perg,” Nursing Coach and Nurse Entrepreneur advocating…

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