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You Offer An Online Nursing Program?

Please enjoy this guest post by Kris Shallenberger of Marian University. Being the Director of Community and Corporate Relations for the Marian University for St. Vincent online Accelerated BSN program in Indianapolis, this a question I’m asked all the time. “Your nursing program is online?” For some people, hearing the word “online” in the title of…

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“From New to ICU”

Please enjoy this post from guest blogger Courtney Tracy of From New to ICU. Nursing is a specialty that requires a great deal of education whether you are a nursing student or a registered nurse. I recently started a website—From New to ICU—that is focused on helping nurses at all stages of their career! I’m…

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An Argument for EHRs in the Classroom

On Wednesday, 9/25/13, Diane Yeager of EHR Tutor will be our guest on RN.FM Radio to speak about the importance of nursing students having hands-on training with various forms of electronic medical records. Please enjoy the guest blog post by Diane, and be sure to listen in (live or on the archived recording) to our…

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