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Episode 124: Margaret Hawke, Nurse Author

Margaret Hawke’s nursing career encompassed all aspects of elder care. She began as a staff nurse, then as a director of nursing, a nursing home administrator, and consultant. She was also a contributing writer for, formerly known as Nursing Spectrum, a Gannett syndicated magazine for nurses from 1992 through 2006. She wrote feature articles…

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Sofie Berga: From Nurse to Children’s Book Author

On Monday, February 25th, RN.FM Radio will be thrilled to have Sofie Berga as our guest. Sofie is a nurse who has created a line of books that are specifically geared towards children who are undergoing medical, surgical or diagnostic procedures. Sofie was born in Denmark and raised by two Special Ed teachers. Her father…

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A Review of “The Comfort Garden” by Laurie Barkin, RN

Laurie Barkin, a skilled writer and deeply compassionate nurse, has penned a book of exquisite insight and beauty about her years as a psychiatric trauma nurse at San Fransisco General Hospital. Keith’s review of “The Comfort Garden: Tales From the Trauma Unit“ is posted on his blog, Digital Doorway, and you can also listen to…

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