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The NCLEX, Nurses, and Dr. Renee Thompson, EPS 180

On episode 180 of RNFM Radio, Keith and Kevin welcome long time friend Dr. Renee Thompson back to RNFM Radio. Renee is a nurse entrepreneur extraordinaire, a widely recognized national expert on nurse bullying, nurse educator, and author. Keith and Kevin have known Renee since meeting her on Twitter in 2011 or so, and they…

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Remember the NCLEX? Reviewing the Review Industry

Please enjoy this guest post from our new friend, Kevin Pan. The NCLEX. We’ve all been through it. For some of us, it wasn’t too bad. For many, it was…a tribulation [trib·u·la·tion Noun. A cause of great trouble or suffering]. Whether we’ve moved on to specialty nursing, entrepreneurship, or a whichever career choice nursing afforded…

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