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Be excellent to each other

As you may remember, Keith and I had the amazing oportunity to spend some time with Linda Leekley, RN and Stacey Turnure, RN of Embracing Civility¬†on RN.FM Radio. If you haven’t listened to the show yet, you might want to bump this one up on your priority list. I was moved to write a post…

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Can We Penalize Rudeness?

Last month, our friends Stacey Turnure and Linda Leekley of Embracing Civility were our guests on RN.FM Radio, discussing how to increase civility in the healthcare workplace.

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You Are the CEO

Just last week, Linda Leekley and Stacey Turnure of Embracing Civility were kind enough to spend more than hour with us as our guests on RN.FM Radio. It was a delightful discussion, and we hope to have them back again late in 2012 or early in 2013. (You can read Keith’s review of their book,…

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