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Happy Birthday, RN.FM Radio!

It was one year ago, in January of 2012, when RN.FM Radio first hit the digital airwaves. Germinated through the magical potential of social media and the real-life connections that are indeed possible in that space, a new vision for nursing was born.

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My public support for Amanda Trujillo

Friend and colleague, Jennifer Olin, a writer at, asked what made me choose to support Amanda Trujillo publicly and put my name and reputation on the line for her. Below is my response: I chose to publicly speak out on behalf of Amanda Trujillo, because Amanda’s case is really not about her at all.…

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Why Radio For Nurses?

So, why did we decide to create a radio station for nurses? You might wonder what purpose an Internet radio station could possibly serve for nurses in the face of a plethora of other platforms that are so widely available? There’s YouTube, Facebook, regular old websites, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, podcasts, videoconferencing—-what’s so special about radio?

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