Sofie Berga: From Nurse to Children’s Book Author


On Monday, February 25th, RN.FM Radio will be thrilled to have Sofie Berga as our guest. Sofie is a nurse who has created a line of books that are specifically geared towards children who are undergoing medical, surgical or diagnostic procedures.

Sofie was born in Denmark and raised by two Special Ed teachers. Her father is an entrepreneur, having created an entire education system for Special Ed students in Denmark. She moved to the US in 1999 after meeting her husband, and had previously completed her nursing education in her native country.

Working in pediatrics for many years, she noticed how children were not well-prepared for medical procedures, and when her son had a negative experience undergoing a procedure, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

In partnership with illustrator Mike Ferrin, Sofie has now created her own line of children’s books with the goal of assisting children in being prepared for various medical and diagnostic procedures. Please visit her website, Educasia, Inc.




We’re excited to have Sofie on the show, especially since her books have been a major hit with Kevin’s boys, who apparently squirreled them away in their room since they loved them so much.

Please join us for the live show or listen to the archive or podcast. For those who work with children or have children or grandchildren of their own, this is certain to be an interview not to be missed!