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On episode 188 of RNFM Radio, we’re joined by nurse superstar, podcaster, writer, speaker, nurse blogger, and advanced practice nurse Sean P. Dent. Sean has been hanging out in the nurse blogosphere for as long as Keith (back in the bad old days of blogging in the early 2000’s), and his Change of Shift nursing podcast is burning up the airwaves with Sean’s honesty, forthrightness, and authentic transparency.

Sean P. Dent, NPSean P. Dent is an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner with over a decade of Critical Care experience. He’s currently the host of The Change of Shift Podcast, and has been a Nurse blogger for almost 10 years.

Sean learned early in his career that Nurses need support in every aspect of their career. Through storytelling and what he calls “shared suffering”, he empowers other nurses to persevere through the unimaginable  and share the shine of the human condition.

He’s a mentor, educator, leader, coach and consultant (#asktheNP). His website http://seandent.com is an awesome social media source for all nurses across their career spectrum who are seeking guidance on how to succeed.

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In the course of this rich conversation, we discuss the value and power of nurses involving themselves in blogging, vlogging, podcasting, and other media platforms. How authentic and transparent we are is a personal choice, and it’s part of the brand that we create for ourselves as healthcare professionals. As Kevin says, we’re all individual media companies, the captains of our own careers.

All of these forms of communication are a way to share your message with the world, or to listen/follow/read what others have to say. These platforms can help you sharpen your communication skills in the interest of your nursing career.

Nurses are great storytellers, and many of us want to share our stories with others, especially other nurses who might feel informed, uplifted, or inspired by our stories. We can let others know they’re not alone.

In the midst of this conversation, Keith mentioned his amazing wife, Mary Rives, who appeared on RNFM Radio with her business partner Sally Fox to discuss Nurses Speak, their four-day nurse storytelling intensive that resulted in an amazing monologue performance with six courageous nurses (including Keith) in Santa Fe in the fall of 2014.

We also discuss the ins and outs of nurses and nurse entrepreneurs making use of Twitter, SnapChat, Facebook, and Instagram for professional growth, connection, and communication. Finally, we delve into the changes that are coming down the pike, the generational differences between nurses, and the consistent emergence of new technologies and how they impact our profession.

Here’s how you can find Sean and connect with him:

And if you want to hear about how Sean almost died and lived to tell the tale, this blog post will blow your mind.

Sean is a true nurse leader, and we’re honored to have him grace the airwaves of RNFM Radio.


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