Slow Radio For Nurses?


Many of you have probably heard of the “Slow Food” movement that exists primarily in response to the worldwide culture of fast food. A smaller number of you have probably heard of the “Slow Sex” movement, which exists in response to our fast-paced culture that has even had the far-reaching effect of curtailing our ability to enjoy sensual pleasure. Well, RN.FM Radio is all about “slow radio“, a term that may not even exist yet, but we embrace it anyway!

You see, tune into most radio stations and what you hear is a few minutes of music or talk followed by a sonic assault of commercials, interruptions, station identifications and sponsorship announcements. Even on public radio, what was once a bastion of non-commercialism is now frequently interrupted by “non-commercials” that are essentially advertisements for companies that pay for those interruptions to occur.

And when you hear interviews with fascinating people on most radio stations, you get a few minutes of dialogue before you’re again thrust back to the interruptions and advertisements that are ubiquitously annoying (but often succeed in getting your attention since you don’t want to turn off the volume and risk missing the next segment of the interview you’re waiting to get back to).

While Fresh Air or The Diane Rehm Show (on National Public Radio) or Democracy Now! (on Pacifica Radio) may be exceptions to this rule since they offer elongated and intriguing interviews with few interruptions, most mainstream radio stations don’t follow that particular model.

Having said that, Internet radio and podcasting have changed radio in astronomical ways, and RN.FM Radio is a part of that 21st-century wave.

On RN.FM Radio, we believe that you tune in because you want to hear robust, relaxed and informative interviews with leaders, movers, shakers and thought-provokers in the fields of nursing and healthcare. While we begin each show with announcements and some thank-you’s, the majority of RN.FM Radio’s programming is about the interviews and the conversations that we know you want to hear, and our commitment is to keep it that way.

The concept of “slow radio” is this: we take our time, we don’t rush the conversation in anticipation of a commercial break or a pause for station identification, and we focus our attention on the issues at hand. Our shows are about the content—not the advertisements that drive the content—and we want you to know that your time is valued (and valuable).

Slow radio is not about rushing to the finish line, hitting only the highlights and skipping over the details. We like our interviews to be almost an hour in length because that gives us and our guests time to relax, dig into the subject at hand, and deliver a message that’s rich with meaning, nuance and thoughtful dialogue.

Slow radio is where we want to be. We don’t rush the issue and force our guests to “get to the point”. The “point” is the conversation and its gentle unfolding, and the concept of slow radio allows for an organic emergence of a conversation that grows from the fertile ground of the show’s non-rigid structure.

We love bringing you informative and insightful interviews that stimulate your thinking, honor your intelligence, and allow you to listen with open ears, an open mind, and an open heart.

Do you like our slow radio approach? Do you like the relaxed, open conversational style of RN.FM Radio? Do you enjoy hearing from leaders and thought-provokers who can cajole, inspire and inform you? We love bringing it to you, and we welcome your input as the show continues to grow and expand.

Nurses and nurse entrepreneurs, RN.FM Radio is here for you. Join us in the ongoing movement to bring the lively conversation about the future of nursing directly to those who want to hear it most.

It may be slow radio, but we’re not slow on the uptake! We’re on the pulse of nursing, and we believe we’ve found a healthy sinus rhythm!