Nurse Satisfaction, EPS 179


Here on episode 179 of RNFM Radio, Keith, Kevin, and Elizabeth are together again to talk deeply about nurse satisfaction, salaries, and the latest news from Medscape about nurse career regret.

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Keith brought the following articles to the table for this episode:

The Medscape 2015 Nurse Salary Report

Medscape’s article entitled, Career Regret Stronger Among Nurses Than Physicians (November 18, 2015)

In the career regret article, the following statements can be found:

Only 56% of registered nurses (RNs) would choose nursing as a career again, roughly the same percentage who are satisfied with their pay, according to the Medscape Nurse Salary Survey.

This measure of career satisfaction is higher (60%) for advanced practice nurses (APNs) and lower (48%) for practical nurses, who consist of licensed practical nurses and licensed vocational nurses. Again, these affirmative responses tracked salary contentment in the survey. At the same time, making good money is fourth down on the list of what nurses find rewarding, trailing relationships with patients, a sense of competence, and professional pride.

The article continues:

Career satisfaction for nurses as a whole is lower than that for physicians, 64% of whom said they would choose their field again if they could do it again in the Medscape 2015 Compensation Report.

Nurses expressed more widespread regret about other aspects of their career. Less than a third in each of the main categories of APNs, RNs, and practical nurses would choose their current practice setting again, and only 19% of RNs and 35% of APNs said they would pursue the same level of educational preparation.

As a nurse researcher, Elizabeth sheds light on how the statistics in these studies may not reflect the entire reality on the ground, including both nurse satisfaction and nurses’ salaries.

This far-reaching conversation will keep you glued to your earbuds as we dig deeply into issues of money, nursing, satisfaction, and your career as a nurse.

What level of satisfaction do you have in your nursing career? Are you living beyond your means? Are you doing fine financially vis-a-vis what you’re able to earn as a nurse? Would you take the same career path again if you had the choice? Would you go back to school? Would you become a sheep herder?

From salaries to satisfaction, this is the place to hear what the folks at RNFM Radio have to say!

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