Sarah Santacroce, Personal Branding Expert, Episode 133


RNFM Radio is pleased to welcome back Sarah Santacroce for her second appearance on our show!

Sarah helps small business owners and solopreneurs find their place in today’s online world. She teaches her clients how to increase their online visibility so that they can quit chasing clients and get found; how to tap into the power of social media, especially LinkedIn, to increase their leads; and how to understand and master the intricacies of Internet marketing. Sarah’s expertise and eagerness to share her knowledge with others have made her an in-demand expert and a sought-after presenter at numerous workshops and webinars. Sarah lives & works in beautiful Switzerland, but works with people from all over the world.

In this special live RNFM Radio Google Hangout on Air, Sarah focuses her brilliant mind on the subject of personal branding, both for the nurse entrepreneur and for the clinically-based nurse who wants to develop his or her own personal brand for the purposes of career advancement and networking.

This exciting conversation will get you thinking about your personal brand, and how to leverage your skills and expertise in the job market or in the entrepreneurial space.

Please find Sarah and follow her on these platforms, where she regularly provides engaging and informative content:




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