Episode 111: Sarah Mott of Nurse Born


NursebornSarah Mott is a Registered Nurse, inventor of the Lotus Stethoscope Holder and founder of Nurse Born Products. Sarah’s vision for her company is to sell products that have been designed by nurses.  It is her hope to encourage other nurses to invent products that can be used by healthcare workers.  As her business grows she would like to provide employment for nurses that have been displaced from nursing due to injury or illness.

“It is our dream to stock our store with unique, practical and fun products that have been designed or developed by nurses from around the world. Nurses are some of the most innovative people in healthcare and Nurse Born’s mission is to help them get recognition for the contribution they have made toward the design of products used in the healthcare field today.

Nurse Born, LLC is committed to providing quality products and service.”



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