RNFM Radio Makes History In Santa Fe, EPS 142


Keith and Kevin just made a little history in Santa Fe by recording their first podcast where they were together in the same studio. What!? Can you believe it?


That’s right, folks. After more than 140 episodes of RNFM Radio, Keith and Kevin sat down in Keith’s Santa Fe, New Mexico studio, put their feet up, lifted their mics to their mouths, and expressed their enthusiasm as they riffed off of each other in a freewheeling conversation at the end of an exciting and inspiring day.


You see, RNFM Radio was invited to attend the New Mexico Nurses Association‘s “Capitol Challenge Day(s)” at Hotel Santa Fe and the New Mexico State House, and Keith and Kevin seized this golden opportunity to do something completely different.B9qT5jXCQAEkYh5

Every year, during the New Mexico legislative session, nursing students and nurses descend on the state capital to lobby and speak with their state senators and representatives, encouraging them to support specific legislation of interest to nurses, the healthcare industry, and patients. This year is no different, and the NMNA put together a fantastic bevy of speakers and presenters for the education and edification of the hundreds of nurses and nursing students present for the event.


Lucky for Keith and Kevin, they were invited to interview nursing students and nurses, but also to present a keynote address entitled “Raising Nursing’s Collective Voice“, as well as several other presentations focused on the uses of social media for nursing advocacy and activism.

We could see the gleam of excitement in the students’ eyes as they met with their senators and legislators in the halls of the capital. Meanwhile, Kevin was quite taken aback by the fact that there is no security at the capital building, and that visitors to the capital are allowed to carry concealed weapons (while chewing gum is strictly forbidden in committee hearings)! So, carrying a .38 under your belt is fine, but ditch the Juicy Fruit before you enter the room! Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Over the course of two days, Kevin and Keith conducted numerous interviews with nursing students and nursing leaders that will be woven into several upcoming special episodes of RNFM Radio. In addition, interviews conducted by Keith with several state legislators will also be included in those broadcasts, offering a valuable tapestry of voices regarding salient issues related to nurses, nursing, and the impact of the legislative process on health care and health care policy.

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It was both a pleasure and an honor to speak at the New Mexico Nurses Association in Santa Fe, and we wanted to take this opportunity to give you a glimpse into what went on there, so tune in to find out what we discussed.