RN.FM Radio Episode 50, Here We Come!


On Monday, February 11th at 9pm EST, RN.FM Radio will broadcast our 50th live episode! We’re very excited to be reaching this landmark, and we see nothing but blue skies ahead as we embark upon this second year of our existence.

Creating and growing RN.FM Radio has been a dream come true for both of us, and we owe a great debt of gratitude to our former co-host and co-founder, Anna Morrison. While Anna has moved on to other endeavors, her influence and energy lingers on, and despite our initial doubts, it seems that we two dudes have been able to keep the show afloat, even without the (admittedly divine) feminine influence of Ms. Morrison. Thankfully, the majority of our guests are women, so we generally have a nice on-air hormonal balance during most of our episodes!

As for our much-heralded 50th episode, we’re planning a real treat for our listeners. During the course of a 90-minute show, eight of our favorite and most popular guests will each be making 10-minute cameo appearances, dropping in to say hello and dish up some of their own wisdom and thoughts about nursing, healthcare, or whatever else happens to be on their minds that day. While we wanted to invite every guest that’s appeared on RN.FM, more than 45 guests would a very long show make, so we’ll reserve the right to invite other former guests for future special broadcasts and celebrations.

So, next Monday, February 11th, you can expect to hear the venerable voices of these eight nursing luminaries:

This is destined to be a memorable and enriching broadcast, so if you can tune in live, we welcome you to listen, call in, and join the live Tweetchat! Otherwise, be sure to catch the archived recording or the podcast.

Thanks to all of our listeners, and a special thank you to these eight special nurses who will grace the virtual airwaves with their collective and individual presence on February 11th. We hope you can join us!