RN.FM Radio Is Dialing Up the Frequency


Content delivery is an ever-changing business and RN.FM continues to move with the ebb and flow of media. Yes, we say it often, but we really do have YOU to thank for our growth as a platform and the delivery of such great content that you help us create. We are truly honored by our dynamic guests and our growing audience.

Over the past few months we’ve been talking about a few changes around here and now it’s time to share just one of the many with you right now. We’re dialing things up a bit. We’ll actually keep the decibles at a reasonable level, but what we will be doing is dialing up the frequency of RN.FM Radio shows. As you can see by our upcoming shows we’re now booked into November with incredible guests and we want to bring you even more content while still promoting our community out there.

Keith and I will be hosting one additional show during the week (still TBA and most likely during a daytime slot) where we will continue to discuss the latest news, trends, and hot topics.

The Interwebs are entangled with many breaking news stories and compelling articles to share with you and we enjoy providing our own added commentary. Here is where you come in to help. We are extending an offer by opening up our radio programming to you, our amazing community. RN.FM continues to be a radio show for nurses by nurses, and for the betterment of the nursing profession.

Many of you have been creating content on your own platforms and we welcome the opportunity to continue to promote you. Whether you are a seasoned blogger, writer, content creator, or if you’re just starting out, we would love to hear from you.

We are putting our collaboration on steroids theory to the test. By submitting newsworthy media you are helping the show line up valuable content for our audience. In return we will announce where the the content came from on the air (whether you created it or just pointed us in the right direction), and we will also post a link right here on our site back to your social media presence or online platform.

We’ll also have our phone lines open so if you’d like to come on the air with us to add some additional commentary to the story you’ve submitted then please feel free to join us!

Just reach out with your stories by submitting them over on our contact page, Facebook, or Twitter.

Let us know what you think and we look forward to your added value to RN.FM Radio.