Reasonable Accommodation in Nursing and School EPS 156


On episode 156, Keith and Kevin open the show by chatting about how we make choices in our careers as nurses, and the ways in which those choices can be very individual and idiosyncratic. We need to keep our ears to the rails, our fingers on the pulse, and read the writing on the wall vis-a-vis our careers and professional lives. Sometimes we need to change and pivot, and whether we’re nurse entrepreneurs or clinical nurses, we have the power to change course if we need to.

We also have to say that Keith and Kevin also take yet another opportunity to rhapsodize about the charms, intelligence, and general awesomeness of Elizabeth Scala, the latest addition to the RNFM Radio team.

A new guest post on the RNFM Radio blog details what it means to become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), and some listeners may find this potential professional avenue worth a look. And if there are other avenues you’d like to pursue as a nurse, the sky’s the limit.

In terms of bringing positivity to our lives and careers, Keith mentions his latest podcast on The Nurse Keith Show. This 17th episode of Keith’s show focuses on why it’s important to remain positive and forward-thinking in our careers, leveraging our intelligence and passion in order to elevate our careers to new heights and exciting experiences.

Meanwhile, a breaking news story about a nursing student has come to the attention of RNFM Radio, and Kevin and Keith touched on it during this episode. The nursing student in question is apparently suing her nursing program after she failed her final exam twice. She had requested reasonable accommodations due to anxiety and depression, and she claims that the school did not fully honor those requests to an extent that she felt was appropriate to her situation. Brittney Wilson wrote about the issue over at Next Wave Connect, and we also understand that the story of this lawsuit has sparked much conversation at NurseFriendly’s NurseUp forum on Facebook.

We hope you enjoy this episode, and we always welcome your comments, criticisms, feedback, praise, and concerns. Thanks for listening!


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