Get out there and start campaigning: Social Media Nurse of 2012


And the nominees are…

Well, we actually won’t know until after December 17th. Thanks to Ian Miller the Impacted Nurse this is how long we have to get our nominations in for Social Media Nurse of 2012, so head on over to nominate the nurse that you feel has most influenced the advancement of nursing using various social media platforms. It might feel as if you have plenty of time on this one, but with the holidays upon us you know it’s just right around the corner.


According to Ian:

“It is an opportunity for us to acknowledge the work that is now occurring around the world to build a supportive, professional online nursing community.

And also to encourage and inspire others to become active and find their own social media voices.

So go check your bookmarks.

Nurses using Facebook, Twitter, blogs, websites, Podcasts or any other form of electronic means of social engagement are all eligible.”

Although Ian states he’s not eligible for nomination (for obvious reasons), feel free to go ahead and nominate him here. He’s got my vote. Do however get over to his site to submit your nominations in the comments section.

And in case you missed these statements from our most recent elections here in the U.S.:

“I’m Kevin Ross from Innovative Nurse and RN.FM Radio and I approved this message.”

Now get over there.