I’m ready to go in coach, just give me a chance


If you haven’t been listening in lately, well then why not? We’ve had some great guests on the show, and we have many more booked all the way into next year. As Keith and I have mentioned on the show, we’re starting a roundtable series that we believe will bring another level of content and appeal to our listeners.

Coming up on Monday November 19th at 7PM MST, we have our first roundtable event with some very eager and well prepared nursing students. For all of those nurses out there, do you remember those days even if it was just a few short years ago? I remember going in the night before to the clinical facility that I was assigned to for that particular rotation and feverishly writing everything down about the patient that I was to care for that very next day.

I took great pride (and yes, I still do) in making certain I gathered every detail that I could about my patient’s history and treatment plan so that I could provide the best possible care, and of course be prepared for any questions that my nurse preceptor was going to ask.

Remember showing up bright eyed, paperwork in hand, stethoscope around your neck and ready to jump in on every opportunity that’s thrown at you? Rest assured that no matter how prepared you think you might be, those clinical rotations are ready to chew you up for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. No matter how prepared I thought I was, I always felt as if I got my butt handed to me each and every rotation.

I’m not normally one for succumbing to the overwhelming feeling of a headache, however each and every shift that I completed reminded me that I just had so much information thrown at me, it felt as if I spent the day with my head in a vice. Or, maybe it’s the other way around in that I was trying to soak up every opportunity that my brain (sponge) was overcapacity by the end of the day. Either way I just remembered that wonderful sensation of my heartbeat pulsating in my head. Good times.

I’ve also had the opportunity to pay it forward by precepting new nurses and nursing students. I remember those preceptors that helped mold me into the nurse that I am today. Sure, I’ve had the occasional experience with a preceptor that didn’t seem too eager to have a student on their heels and over their shoulders with each and every task I was so anxious to learn and perfect.

“Do you think you could turn down the volume a bit on your enthusiasm until I have my morning coffee?”

“Oh great, we have students today!”

“Wikipedia over here thinks he knows all about bloody show and prodromal. He doesn’t even have a uterus.”

“Ever hear of a code brown? You’re not a nurse until you’ve experienced one.”

Caring for people at their most vulnerable has its own challenges, and having a student in tow can certainly intensify an already hectic shift. I now know both sides of the situation. Nurses, just remember that our knowledge and experience must be shared to promote the health and wellness of all present and future patient populations, not to mention elevating the profession as one that also promotes the success of each and every nurse that comes into practice.

Tune in on November 19th at 7PM MST as we share stories and experiences from all sides of the table. Does a roundtable have sides? Of course not, it symbolizes no head and everyone sitting at it to be of equal status. We welcome an open dialogue. Speaking of an open dialogue, we encourage both nurses and student nurses to call in to (347) 308-8064 if you’re listening live. If you can’t make it live, then post your question or comment below and we’ll bring it on the air.




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