Why Radio For Nurses?


So, why did we decide to create a radio station for nurses? You might wonder what purpose an Internet radio station could possibly serve for nurses in the face of a plethora of other platforms that are so widely available? There’s YouTube, Facebook, regular old websites, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, podcasts, videoconferencing—-what’s so special about radio?

Well, for one thing, Internet radio is huge! Aside from our platform of choice—Blog Talk Radio—other purveyors offer their own brand of online radio. More and more people are realizing that the choice of stations to listen to on Internet radio is enormous, continually growing, and a great many of those stations are choosing talk radio as their programming choice.

Meanwhile, when it comes to traditional radio, the number of possible stations is quite limited, and even traditional radio stations have learned that live streaming of their broadcasts—along with podcasts, web-only programming, and other extras—are necessary in order to capture a wider audience base.

The Medium is Not the Message

For us, the medium of radio is not the message, but the medium serves as a platform for us to deliver our message. Internet radio allows us to reach a broad range of listeners (that’s you!), interact with you with our live call-in capability, record the shows for archived replay and downloading as mp3 files, and provide an online chat forum that listeners can utilize during the show to interact with one another and provide us with a “live feed” of information and opinion from which to enrich the ongoing conversation between co-hosts, guests and callers.

The Human Factor

Radio is the PERFECT medium for nurses to connect more directly with one another due to its flexibility and multiple applications that are consistently easy to use. Most importantly, it allows us to interface with you—our valued listeners—directly and immediately.

Of course, it’s always possible to leave a comment on a blog post (which we encourage you to do), interact on Twitter or Facebook (which we also encourage!), and otherwise connect with one another in the ways that the Internet allows, but the beauty of radio and the warmth of the human voice is unparalleled in its intimacy and immediacy, as well as its ability to engender spontaneous and genuine feedback between co-hosts, guests and listener.

Guests Galore!

On our various websites and blogs, the three co-hosts of RN.FM Radio provide value in the form of blog posts, interviews, stories, anecdotes, reviews, idea, rants, and other content that we feel is of benefit to our audiences.

While “guest blog posts” and recommendations of books, websites and other media are valuable to the members of our virtual audience, there is nothing more compelling than hearing an author speak about his or her book in lieu of simply reading our opinion of their latest book on our blog.

So, you can always read the review of Beth Boyton’s book, “Confident Voices” on Keith’s blog Digital Doorway, but wouldn’t you also like to hear her talk about her book herself on March 12th at 9pm EST on RN.FM Radio? And wouldn’t you love to call in or post on the live chat about your experience of the book, or ask her a question about her writing process or career? That level of intimacy, immediacy and interaction are just what we want to create with RN.FM Radio, and it’s happening now as we continue to schedule a growing list of compelling guests who will enliven our conversations and speak directly to you in the coming months.

RN.FM Radio is Here to Stay

The rise of Internet radio is inevitable, and the continued simultaneous popularity of traditional radio is also forecast to remain consistent, especially with more community-based radio enriching the airwaves around the United States and elsewhere.

Here at RN.FM Radio, we are not the first Internet radio station for nurses (and we happily salute those who blazed the trail before us), but we feel that, as 21st century nurse entrepreneurs, nurse coaches and nurse writers, we’re positioned to consistently deliver high-quality and captivating programming from our offices to your home computer speakers and headphones every week.

We love nurses, we love nursing, and we want to bring the best of the nursing profession to your attention, and share our passion for the many expanded roles that nurses can achieve (or create!) at this time in history.

Thanks for being with us, and thanks for your interest in RN.FM Radio. This radio station is for you, so let us know how we can best serve your needs in the weeks and months to come!