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Craig Erickson, KeepItReal RN

It’s About to Get Real with Keep It Real RN EPS 233

By Keith Carlson | Jan 11, 2017

On this episode of RNFM Radio, we (finally!) welcome Craig Erickson, the man behind KeepItRealRN; you can also find him on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Can you believe he’s finally here? We can barely believe our ears! Craig Erickson has been an RN for let’s say, a very long time. He has done a…

RNFM Radip home office

Home Office Productivity Tips, RNFM Radio EPS 232

By Keith Carlson | Dec 20, 2016

Episode 232 is all about your home work space; is it productive, clean, and functional? Are you able to be efficient and get stuff done? Whether you’re a nurse consultant, self-employed nurse entrepreneur, or a nurse case manager working remotely for an insurance company, you need a workable workspace! Our spaces: Ms. Elizabeth Scala has…


What are the Characteristics of a Good Leader? RNFM Radio EPS 231

By Keith Carlson | Dec 14, 2016

Episode 231 of RNFM Radio is all about leadership. You know, you don’t need an official title to be a leader. How do you lead in your life and career? Some people naturally position themselves as leaders; it’s not about the title, it’s about mindset. Leaders develop those around them through inspiration, encouragement, motivation, and…

we're launching

Just Get Started! Pulse Media Network EPS 230

By Keith Carlson | Dec 7, 2016

It’s true! It’s happening! Pulse Media Group, the company behind RNFM Radio, is officially launching its own podcast network—the Pulse Media Network! We’re launched, folks, and there are more podcasts coming your way soon! Pulse Media Network will be like the Pandora of podcasts by nurses and healthcare providers. We want to be the central…

the time-wasting vortex

Time-Wasters Are Killing Me! RNFM Radio EPS 229

By Keith Carlson | Nov 30, 2016

Are you wasting time? Is social media sucking up your productivity? Here at RNFM Radio, we want to encourage you to not waste time and get productive! Social Media As Time-Waster In 2015, Gallup announced that Americans were checking their phones at least every hour. Meanwhile, other sources have reported that we check our phones…


We’re Going From Broke To Bank With Tonia Chisolm, RNFM Radio EPS 228

By Keith Carlson | Nov 23, 2016

On episode 228 of RNFM Radio, Kevin and Elizabeth chat it up with nurse author, Tonia Chisolm, RN, BSN.This is a highly inspirational and motivational episode; Tonia goes deep, shares her personal story, and lays it out when it comes to nurses valuing themselves enough to ask for what they deserve. Tonia has been a…

I quit!

That’s It; We’re Quitting! RNFM Radio EPS 227

By Keith Carlson | Nov 17, 2016

On episode 227 of RNFM Radio, our first message is a shout out of gratitude to Craig over at Keepit Real, RN. Craig is awesome; check out his website and definitely head over to his YouTube channel as well. What an awesome nurse! Keith is celebrating leaving his final nursing position as a DON/CNO of…

confidence level 100%

The Building Blocks of Confidence, RNFM Radio EPS 226

By Keith Carlson | Nov 9, 2016

On episode 226 of RNFM Radio, Keith brought up the issue of confidence due to the fact that many nurses contact him with feelings of low nursing self-esteem and a dearth of self-confidence. Each of us has something to say about this, and we dig deep and vulnerably in this episode. Here are some highlights:…

Hustle To Do List

Let’s Get Moving On That Side Hustle, RNFM Radio EPS 225

By Keith Carlson | Nov 2, 2016

On episode 225 of RNFM Radio, we discuss the notion of having a side hustle and what it means to your nursing career. If you want or need extra money or have a business idea you’d like to test out in a low-risk way, having a side hustle is a way to do something on…

RNFM Radio in Vegas!

We Just Got Back from Vegas! RNFM Radio EPS 224

By Keith Carlson | Oct 26, 2016

Well, we just got back from the 2016 National Nurses in Business Association annual conference, and we had one heck of a time, folks! The community that surrounds the NNBA is thriving, growing, and on fire, and we connected with some amazing nurses and nurse entrepreneurs who are just awesome people. We offer immense praise…

the nurse polymath

Are You A Nurse Polymath? RNFM Radio EPS 223

By Keith Carlson | Oct 19, 2016

On episode 223 of RNFM Radio, the RNFM Radio trifecta dive into the idea of the nurse polymath and polymathism as put forward by Keith on a recent episode of The Nurse Keith Show, as well as a blog post. In that blog post, Keith wrote: Nurses need to know a lot of things; nursing…


Get Your Blog Started and Maintain It! RNFM Radio EPS 222

By Keith Carlson | Oct 12, 2016

Is it time to start thinking about getting that blog launched? Well, on episode 222 of RNFM Radio, we talk all about blogging, writing, and the basics of sustaining your blogging momentum, whether you’re a clinical nurse, nurse entrepreneur, or a nurse in another part of the nursing ecosystem. Are you afraid of your voice?…