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No, I'm not just a nurse.

You’re Never “Just a Nurse” | RNFM Radio EPS 257

By Keith Carlson | Oct 18, 2017

Do you ever say that you’re “just” a nurse? Well, it’s time to stop. On this episode we talk all about how “just” is a four-letter word that should essentially be removed from nurses’ vocabulary. Just a nurse? Nurse a nurse practitioner? Just an LPN? You’re a nurse — period.   Please check out the article…

Hurricane over the Atlantic

Are You Ready for a Natural Disaster? | RNFM Radio EPS 256

By Keith Carlson | Oct 4, 2017

This episode of RNFM Radio is all about nurses being prepared for, and responding to, natural disasters. Ashley shared that nurses have been desperately needed in response to recent hurricanes hitting Texas, Florida, and the Caribbean. What responsibility do we nurses have to respond to natural disasters? Do you feel moved to dig deep and…

police officer

Nurse Wubbels and the Utah Incident | RNFM Radio EPS 255

By Keith Carlson | Sep 20, 2017

The nursing world is reeling from revelations about the incident that occurred in Salt Lake City earlier in 2017. Nurse Alex Wubbels was wrongfully assaulted, manhandled, handcuffed, and detained by Salt Lake City police when she dutifully stood her ground and protected the privacy rights of an unconscious patient. A video of the incident went…


Tim Raderstorf, Nurse Innovator Extraordinaire | RNFM Radio EPS 254

By Keith Carlson | Aug 9, 2017

On episode 254 of RNFM Radio, we welcome our friend and colleague, Tim Raderstorf, MSN, RN, a nurse innovator who Keith and Ashley had the pleasure of meeting at the 2016 National Nurses in Business Association conference in Las Vegas. Tim has the honor of serving as the first Chief Innovation Officer at The Ohio…


Are Nurses in Danger? | RNFM Radio EPS 253

By Keith Carlson | Jul 26, 2017

On episode 253 of RNFM Radio, our main topic focuses on the dangers, violence, and injuries faced by nurses every day. The most disturbing story we’ve heard in a long time is that of a nurse who was held hostage, attacked, and repeatedly raped by a patient who was an inmate receiving medical care. The…


Why the Heck Are We Nurses, Anyway? | RNFM Radio EPS 252

By Keith Carlson | Jul 12, 2017

On episode 252 of RNFM Radio, we dig into our main topic of why the heck we all became nurses anyway. If you want to hear the back story of how and why Ashley, Sean, and Keith decided to take the plunge, you’ll then understand how our journeys have been so different. (You’ll also learn…

smokin' microphone

We’re Back on the Pulse of Nursing! | RNFM Radio EPS 251

By Keith Carlson | Jun 24, 2017

On episode 251, we offer you a teaser episode with the BRAND NEW trifecta at RNFMRadio (Keith Carlson, Ashley Pofit Miller, and Sean Dent), and we’re going out on a limb to say that we think you’re going to love it. Nurses, we know that you’ve been feeling a little underrepresented on the show, and…

Mic On Air

Investing in Your Podcast, RNFM Radio EPS 250

By Keith Carlson | May 10, 2017

On episode 250 (a really nice round number, isn’t it?), we talk about podcasting for you and your business. Ready? Investing in a podcast is smart for many businesses, whether large companies or solopreneurs. Doing it on your own isn’t easy, and getting the help you need is a prudent course of action. The Pulse…

Tiffany Kelley

Developing the Idea and Building the Business with Tiffany Kelley, RNFM Radio EPS 249

By Keith Carlson | May 3, 2017

On episode 249, we’re talking to Dr. Tiffany Kelley, the Founder and CEO of Nightingale Apps, LLC. She established the company in an effort to provide nurses and health care teams with tools that would allow them access to information for point of care delivery. Tiffany earned her Ph.D. from Duke University in 2012, a…

Email marketing!

You’re Now in Business — Have you Built an Email List? EPS 248

By Keith Carlson | Apr 26, 2017

Why the heck does your business need an email list? It’s a no-brainer for any 21st-century business. Let’s dig into email marketing and build on our discussion of your avatar on episode 247. When you send out a newsletter, you own that information as a piece of digital real estate — you can’t own any…

Dart in bull's eye

Reaching Your Customer by Building Your Avatar, RNFM Radio EPS 247

By Keith Carlson | Apr 19, 2017

You’re marketing every day via your website, Facebook ads, blog, Twitter posts, and podcast, if you have one. Pretty much all of your offline and online endeavors are spent marketing in some form or fashion. If your posts, images, audio recordings, video, or newsletters are directed toward your avatar — which is ultimately your target…

E.Q. & I.Q.

What’s the Best Type of Intelligence for Your Business? RNFM Radio EPS 246

By Keith Carlson | Apr 12, 2017

When considering  intelligence and its impact on your business success, we can’t just think about book smarts and intellect — we also need to consider your E.Q. (emotional quotient) — and your emotional intelligence. It really matters, folks! Emotional intelligence and the concept of a person’s E.Q. came into the public space in a big…