Personal Achievement 101: A Basic Guide for Success with the Help of Meditation


meditation stonesMeditation is an ancient practice people have been using for many centuries for the purposes of relaxation, stress relief, and the elimination of certain illnesses. We’ve had quite a few discussions about meditation here on RN.FM Radio. Today, this age-old practice is also being utilized by many as a means of improving their power of concentration, with the ultimate goal of increasing their chances of becoming successful in business and in many other areas of life.

I have taken a personal journey down this path so that I can eliminate the “noise” that seems to envelope me on a daily basis. I’m really just taking the opportunity to be heard. I think we all know what it’s like to try to be heard, or to process our thoughts when the volume is a bit too high. Ever had the pleasure of trying to speak over the voice of a screaming child? It’s not very effective.

I’m finding that once you’ve learned how to use meditation to increase your focus, you’ll immediately see a drastic difference in how fast and how efficient you can achieve your goals. However, the process of mastering meditation is a lot harder than what most people initially think.

Mastering Meditation

I think the mastering aspect is really just relative to your own perceptions, and this isn’t a perfect science. You have to dial in on the techniques that seem to work best for you. There are several techniques to master meditation faster, such as humming, chanting, sitting perfectly still, emptying your mind of all thoughts, and even facing East. I will share with you that I’m really unable to clear my head of all thoughts, and I don’t really view this as an obstacle. I do however attempt to de-clutter and focus on just one or two thoughts at a time. I also make every attempt to always spin these thoughts on the positive.

There seems to be no single best meditation technique because the effects are different for each individual, so you will have to figure out which particular strategy will work best for you. As soon as you have figured out the most effective meditation technique, practice the technique several times a week, preferably for a few minutes everyday. Gradually, you’ll notice your power of concentration becoming better. You’ll be able to focus on your goals with more intensity and with less risk of getting distracted by irrelevant matters.

Effects of Meditation on Concentration

Meditation is so beneficial in many different ways, and it can have both direct and indirect positive effects on one’s power of concentration. Meditation can reduce high blood pressure while increasing the body’s energy levels. Both of these indirect positive effects enable an individual to have better and clearer focus and concentration. A more direct effect of meditation is that you’ll have much better control of channeling your mental powers toward the tasks that are more crucial for achieving your goals.

This channeling happens when you start to master how to free your mind of irrelevant thoughts during meditation. Another direct effect of meditation on your mind is that it helps eliminate negative thinking and leaves you with nothing but positive and motivating thoughts that will further drive you towards success. It also makes you more impervious to distractions along the way that can otherwise grab your attention from the task at hand.

How to Get Started Meditating

The simplest techniques will work best for people who are new to meditation. You can begin by looking for a place that allows you to sit down for several minutes without distractions. Practice your breathing, making sure to keep it at a steady rhythm. If you feel comfortable doing so, it also helps to keep your eyes closed throughout the meditative process. Gradually empty your mind of all thoughts, concentrating only on a single positive idea or event.

If you can’t get it right immediately, don’t worry; most people have to do several meditative sessions before they finally get it. It really comes down to what’s right for you. It takes time to adopt a new practice into your daily routine. With patience, determination, and a lot of practice, you’ll soon be able to meditate without much effort and reap the benefits that go along with it.

I’m still a work in progress, but I’ve made a committment to myself that I will continue to hone these skills so that I can better acheive the balance in my life I so desperately need.

elizabeth scala
elizabeth scala

You sure are right about one thing... meditation is a continuous work in progress... one that we may never get "quite right". The beauty of this practice is there is no right or wrong way. So let go of feeling as if you are doing it "wrong" right off the bat! If you start judging and worrying you are not doing it "right"; you might stop doing it! You might avoid and procrastinate thinking... "Well, I can't do it anyway... so why do it?" This is not what you are looking for! And trust me, I still sit there at times, realizing I have been "thinking" during the whole practice- but that is a lesson in and of itself... to notice how distracted I am, to turn my attention back to my meditation, my focus of the breath, to keep listening/pausing/growing/healing... Thank you for this post. And you're right... as we all strive for balance in this crazy world of chaos... meditation is one practice that is sure to keep things steady- in mind-body-emotion-spirit. Thanks for a great post! Looking forward to Monday night's show!!!