Project #NurseSearch and #NursesUnite Again EPS 170


Episode 170 of RNFM Radio is all about positivity and the power of nursing, especially as it relates to the recent #NursesUnite campaign in response to the ongoing saga related to The View, Joy Behar, and The Miss America Pageant.

On this episode, we spend our time focusing on the positive, discussing how nurses can contribute to the ongoing conversation about our profession in a wide variety of ways.

If you’re a nurse comfortable with speaking to the media, why not reach out to your local television and radio stations, as well as newspapers and other venues? They likely have lots of doctors in their contacts, but precious few nurses. Offer to be on call when they need a quote or expert opinion on public health issues, medical news, or other subjects related to healthcare. Nurses are trusted, so offer yourself as a trustworthy source!

Elizabeth mentioned that Help A Reporter Out (HARO) is a great resource that connects potential interviewees and experts with reporters looking for reliable sources. This is a perfect place to register as a contact for thousands of journalists seeking experts like you.

Additionally, if you want to have a local impact on how nurses are valued and viewed in your community, consider reaching out to local legislators, city councilors, members of the school board, and even your mayor, offering to be a resource for health-related questions or discussions. Who knows? The mayor may appoint you to a blue ribbon panel to examine children’s health or homelessness in your town or city!

When it comes to prime time television, Dr. Oz is currently requesting nominations for a nurse expert to join his team. Although Donna Cardillo already contributes to his show, you can use the #NurseSearch hashtag to nominate yourself or another nurse who you feel is the best choice for entering the Dr. Oz multiverse.

Speaking of television, Keith made the point that we’ve had Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz, and now is the time for a serious prime time TV show hosted by a nurse. Doctors are well respected for good reason, but so are nurses, and can’t you imagine Elizabeth Scala, Nurse Gail Ingram, or another stellar nursing personality hosting a prime time show that offers a nurse’s perspective on the world? The time has come!

In terms of nurses and positivity, this post by Beth Hawkes over on offers a good read, and a recent post on Keith’s blog reflects on the teachable moment that has so recently arisen for nurses and the nursing profession.

According to Keith, Kevin, and Elizabeth, the most important things are to take the conversation local, expand it to a global reach, stay positive, and have fun. What could be better than that?


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