Nurses Week: We Know You Give. Now We Give Away.


With National Nurses Week well on our heels Keith and I were reminiscing about past episodes and what an honor it has been to provide this platform for all of you. It should go without saying, but as you know we say a lot around here. Simply put, nurses give. We know that you give each and every day, and we know that sometimes the giving is at the sacrifice of your own needs. We don’t want to sound like a public service announcement or an after school special, but just be mindful of your own self-care needs.

Typically during National Nurses Week, which will occur May 6th-May 12th this year, brings a variety of “gifts,” high-fives, and pats on the back for a job well done. I’m of course totally biased here, but Nurses Day should be each and every day of the year. However, deep down we each know that we’re not doing this for the recognition or prestige. Although it is nice to know that our service is greatly appreciated especially on the most challenging days. The key chains, beach towels, water bottles, lunch boxes, pens, and t-shirts (all branded swag mind you) are gestures to show an organization’s appreciation. I’m sure we all have our opinions about these gestures, and we certainly don’t have to elaborate. I believe however that we’ve had some friendly banter on this topic on a few of our shows.

Nonetheless, we wanted to again thank you for your commitment to the show and we are thrilled that our community continues to grow. That being said we are extending an offer to you in the form of a giveaway to show our appreciation. Now Keith and I would love to give each one of you a front row seat to the ocean, feet in the sand, and beverage of choice to amplify our gratitude, but unfortunately our sponsorship budget would be a little stretched. We can however offer each one of you a chance to win a three month BirchBox subscription. RN.FM Radio has three (3) separate three month subscriptions to give away.

We will also have one (1) grand prize winner that will receive an Apple iPad Mini. Now what’s cooler than that? You of course!

The official rules are here, here, and the details below:

First, you have to be following us. How else are you going to know about some of the greatest nursing content to ever be shared? Oh, and yes, it’ll also be easier for you to keep up with this giveaway and many more to come. Next, you need to post, comment, shout out, let us know you’re here and be sure to use the#NursesGive on any of the platforms you post. Our wonderful intern Tera Giles already provides so much support to our show, and this hashtag will help us track all of the participants so they can be entered into our random drawing.

We’ll announce our first BirchBox winners on May 6th live on RN.FM, the next round on May 8th, and the final Birchbox winners will be announced on May 10th  on all of our platforms. The FINAL Grand Prize winner will be announced on RN.FM’s May 13th show.

RN.FM Radio’s Platforms:



Our Feed:


Caudalie Divine Oil 

Nexxus Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Elixir

StriVectin-SD Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles

Youngblood Anti-Shine Mattifier

Weleda Body Lotion

Women’s Health magazine one year subscription


Looks like we’re going to be adding to the giveaway list. Erica Leach, RN, CLNC from the Nurses Roc Network has also offered one (1) free 45 minute coaching session and personalized action plan.

 Here are a list of the winners thus far:

BirchBox Giveaways



A Free coaching session with Keith Carlson


Are you interested in sharing some of the past Nurses Week gifts that you’ve received? Feel free to leave a comment below. Don’t forget #NursesGive.


#NursesGive All nurses are amazing, they help people to live more. And it is nice because, i found a nurse like him (that guy in the video). He is a good mentor? or a teacher? LOL. But also i want to win this giveaway, not for me but for my father who work really hard just to give our needs. So i am returning his care and love by giving a gift, although it is material but i hope he can appreciate it. BTW. FROM NOW ON "I LOVE NURSES" thanks. ^_^


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