“Nurses fyi” Is Here!


Please enjoy a guest post from Rich Williams, our new Australian friend and the publisher of Nurses fyi Magazine.

Nurses fyi (for your information) Magazine is the brain child of Australian nurse Rich Williams. Desktop publishing now makes it possible for virtually anyone to publish their own digital magazine. With the donation of articles from nurses the world over Rich has been able to compile a new and innovative monthly publication that nurses everywhere will no doubt find of interest. Rich is pleased to be using Apple’s Newsstand as his publishing platform, which means that any nurse with an iPad can access his magazine!

Rich reports that very soon Nurses fyi will also be available for the iPhone. Designed to be an interactive publication, nurses can find text articles, interesting videos, or even audio recordings. Rich believes that his magazine fills the gap in terms of the availability of a truly international nurses’ publication.

“Most nursing publications I could find were either union-based or specific to one specialty or geographical region,”, he says. “There was nothing I have found that is for nurses everywhere”.

Rich also reports that there has been a great response to his appeal for article submissions on Linked In. The requirements for an article to be considered for publication in an upcoming edition of Nurses fyi Magazine are explained here.

Nurses fyi

The articles have been coming in from all corners of the globe and about a great variety of nursing topics”.

Edition number one of “Nurses fyi Magazine” was the May 2013 edition featuring Rich on the cover, and it contains the following articles:

  • Rich’s journey to bring you Nurses fyi Magazine
  • RN.FM Radio: On the Pulse of Nursing by Keith Carlson & Kevin Ross
  • The Nursing Show: On-line podcasting show by Jamie Davis
  • The American Nurse Project: America’s favorite coffee table book by Carolyn Jones
  • Meditation for Nurses: Caring For Yourself, Heart & Mind at the Bedside by Jerome Stone
  • Cycling for Fistulas: Bruno’s 4,097km (2,545 mile) charity ride by Gracie Vivian
  • Correctional Nursing: The Best Kept Secret in Our Profession by Lorry Schoenly
  • Physician Heal Thyself: from The New York Times Nursing Author Theresa Brown
  • Trans-Cultural Nursing Care in Trinidad & Tabasco by Jason Ramcharan

Edition number two–the June 2013 edition–includes nurse author Carol Gino on the cover and contains the following articles:

  • Jump Time For Nurses: by Carol Gino
  • myShift App: An Application for Nurses by Cathy Normoyle
  • Zimbabwe Hand Knits: Two Nurses’ Charity Endeavour by Kerry O’Hara
  • iPhone ECG Device: Is This the New Vital Sign by Rich Williams
  • Dream One, Do One, Lead One, One Nurse At A Time: Volunteer Nursing by Sue Averill
  • Substance Abuse and Health Professionals: What Nurses Need to Know by Connie Whitesides
  • On Knowing In Our Hearts: Communication Skills for Talking to the Dying by Virginia Seno
  • Courage Is To Share Harmony!: How Anne Lost 130 lbs (77kgs)
  • Vicarious Trauma and Secondary Trauma: A Healthcare Professional’s Guide by Avonelle Rand

To make this newly available magazine more accessible for nurses to check out for themselves, Rich has now made edition number one available for free. There is also a 25% discount if you sign up for a quarterly subscription. Each edition usually sells for around the cost of a cup of coffee (with Apple’s international geographical regions, price may vary). Nurses fyi Magazine is currently only available for the iPad, but soon it will be on the iPhone as well.

Get Nurses fyi Magazine here now.


Looks like awesome stuff and I will stay tuned.  Let me know if you want to guest post for www.confidentvoices.com.  A short piece perhaps w/ an eg of nurse using it...?  Just let me know, Beth@bethboynton.com