Nurse Entrepreneurs: 6 Social Media Marketing Tips To Blast Your Buzz


By Anna Morrison

Everyone knows that social media marketing is a great way to explode your marketing efforts. Since social media sites are free and reach a huge audience, there is no reason not to use them. Talk about being cost effective!

1) Set up accounts on several social media networks. For instance, you may want a Facebook page, Twitter profile, LinkedIn profile and YouTube channel. Of course, there are other networks coming on board all the time, so join as many as needed.

2) The most important part of using social media is updating your status and information on a regular basis. Don’t just update once a week because “you have to”. Instead, make it a part of your daily routine. You don’t need to spend hours doing it (because you won’t get your other work done)! Instead, allot a certain amount of time everyday and get it done.

3) Make sure to share your blog posts, articles and other content that you produce through social media sites. This brings even more traffic to your website or blog so that you continue to build your credibility and email list. If you make a new video or write a new report, share that with your followers on social media. They will appreciate the efforts you make to keep them informed and provide them with valuable information.

4) It always makes sense to check out your competition when you are on social media sites. See what they are doing and take some cues from them. No need to copy, but keeping up with the latest trends is important. You will be able to see what your competition is doing right and wrong.

5) It’s easy to fall into this trap, but don’t spend your time on social media advertising things. People get tired of being sold to in their regular lives. They come to social media to hang out and chat with others. You must be stealth in your marketing methods on social media.

6) Focus on relationship building through sharing information and engaging your readers and with a little effort and consistency, you can watch social media transform your business for the better.

A snowball effect will start to happen as you get more fans and followers who want to hear what you have to say.