Nurses Navigating Social Media


Our friend, Renee Thompson, who appeared on RN.FM Radio in February of 2012, is a venerable and respected nurse, speaker, mentor and teacher.

Just this week, Renee has sent us a link to a new blog post that many nurses–whether they’re seasoned nurses or new graduates–will find enlightening.

The article, entitled “Tips for New Nursing Grads: Beware of the Social Media Sirens“, is a post that illuminates the challenges faced by nurses using social media. From Twitter to Facebook to Linked In, nurses and other healthcare providers can easily cross the line when it comes to social media use, and Renee has specific advice for nurses who spend time on these popular sites.

Renee writes:

Social media is everywhere. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Diggs, Google+, etc…heck, you can’t even watch a television show without being bombarded by their social media marketing plugs. Almost everybody has at least a Facebook Page – schools, health care organizations and even the mom and pop shops are utilizing social media to market their business. Thirty percent of the people using Facebook are on the site multiple times a day – me included! It’s great isn’t it? I get to see what’s happening with my friends and family, check out the latest and greatest products and offers from the companies I like, learn something and even get a good laugh (or cry) from a great video post. It’s mesmerizing and alluring. But be warned. Like the Sirens in Greek mythology who lured nearby sailors through music to their ultimate death, social media can derail your career as a nurse before it even starts – if you’re not careful.

The online world of social media is still relatively new, and as nurses, we’re still attempting to figure out exactly how to best utilize it without compromising the privacy of our patients, the reputations of our workplaces, and the integrity of our very careers.

You can find Renee at RTConnections and at the RTConnections Blog.

Many thanks for Renee Thompson for a link to this important post, and we hope to hear from her again here on RN.FM Radio!