Points and Tools For Moving Forward, EPS 148


This episode finds Keith and Kevin riffing on several topics of timely interest to them—and hopefully to you!

Legislative Issues

The dynamic RNFM duo begin the show by touching on legislative issues that are happening in various parts of the country. Keith shares that the legislative session in New Mexico ended on a somewhat disappointing note, with many bills dying in committee and not making it to the legislative bodies for a vote, let alone the governor’s desk.

Over in Colorado, Kevin reports that SB 197, a bill making its way around the Colorado legislature, is one that nurses would certainly want to keep an eye on. This bill would directly impact advanced practice nurses (APRNs), decreasing the number of hours that a new NP would need to be under the supervision of a physician from 3,500-5,000 to somewhere around 1,000 hours. It also requests that other APRNs could serve as mentors and supervisors for these new NPs, rather than this being limited to just physicians. Taking into consideration the shortage of primary care physicians, allowing APRNs to precept and supervise new APRNs would be a very practical and intelligent move. Click here for a state-by-state breakdown of legislative issues related to APRNs and NP practice.

Meanwhile, Keith suggests that Kevin run for the Colorado legislature (or Congress!) in 2016!

Elizabeth Scala

Keith and Kevin share that our dear friend Elizabeth Scala will now be serving as a third RNFM Radio co-host at least several times per month. We’re excited to have a regular female voice and perspective on the show, and we hope you’ll be excited, too!

Nurse Resilience

The notion of nurse resilience is coming up a great deal these days, and Keith shares that many nurses in search of greater personal and professional resilience are reaching out to him through his nurse career coaching practice at NurseKeith.com. A holistic view of one’s life is needed in order to asses your ability to be resilient, and that includes your personal life, family, financial well-being, spiritual and emotional health, and your career/professional life.

What is the 10,000-foot view of your life, and how do you support yourself as you move your career forward, whether you’re a bedside nurse or nurse entrepreneur.

Apps and Technology

Finally, Keith and Kevin riff on the subject of helpful and useful apps for streamlining your work-life and professional life. Some of these apps include Evernote, Azendoo, Google Drive, Google Calendar, etcetera. Many nurses may be afraid of technology, but its thoughtful use can truly make life easier.


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