Mobile Nursing Entrepreneur on RN.FM Radio!


On Monday, March 5th, Jody Hoppis, ARNP, will be our guest on RN.FM Radio! Jody is an entrepreneurial Nurse Practitioner who delivers high-quality home visits in Bellingham, Washington—via bicycle! Yes, that’s right—bicycle!

From her website, My Mobile Medicine:

Mobile Medicine was started in 2008 by Jody Hoppis, a Nurse Practitioner who wanted to bring a more personal, adaptable form of Family Practice Medicine to patients in Whatcom County.

“With everything she needs in a simple bike trailer, Jody has been caring for her patients over the past 2 years, bringing them quality care and medical treatment that comes from an experienced professional. Because of her unique method of care, she is able to spend 45 to 60 minutes with each patient, much more than the average 10 to 20 given in a clinic setting.

“Jody’s personal goal is to merge the best of both Western and Eastern medicines, utilizing concepts from each to model complete care. Her highest priority is for each of her patients to feel listened to and well-cared for – a priority that is evident by the happiness and satisfaction of her current patients.”

Please join us on Monday, March 5th at 9pm EST for a delightful and informative interview with this exciting entrepreneurial nurse who has so much to teach us about delivering excellent and innovative entrepreneurial nursing care in an original and environmentally friendly way!


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