Martine Ehrenclou and RN.FM Radio


On September 17th, 2012, the well-known author Martine Ehrenclou will appear as our honored guest on RN.FM Radio to discuss her newest book, “The Take-Charge Patient“.

Meanwhile, please visit Keith’s blog, Digital Doorway, to read his review of “The Take-Charge Patient“.

In his review, Keith shares:

When we or our loved ones are faced with illness and the accompanying vulnerability that illness engenders, advocating for the best possible medical care can be a life-altering challenge. In the midst of writing this guide to becoming a “take-charge patient”, Martine Ehrenclou herself became a patient of the American healthcare system, and the lessons that she was attempting to impart to her readers became, in essence, lessons that she herself needed to learn and actualize in the real world.

Aside from telling her own story of illness, powerlessness, frustration, empowerment and eventual recovery, Ms. Ehrenclou uses the majority of the pages of “The Take-Charge Patient” to offer her readers a relatively comprehensive and user-friendly guide to proactive self-advocacy when faced with illness, medical treatment, and medical providers who sometimes are less than thorough and less attentive to our unique situation than we would like.

Being prepared is the cornerstone of Ehrenclou’s call to arms for the take-charge patient, and preparation is not necessarily limited to one’s medical history, although this is the central aspect of the take-charge patient’s arsenal.

For the complete review, please click here, and please tune in on September 17th and join us as we talk with this talented and visionary author.