Where Legislation, Nursing & Healthcare Converge, EPS 145


In this special episode of RNFM Radio, co-host Keith Carlson is “on assignment” at the New Mexico State Capitol, interviewing four legislators on issues salient to nurses, nursing, and the healthcare industry.

Join Keith as he interviews New Mexico Senators Linda Lopez and Gerald Ortiz y Pino, and New Mexico State Representatives Deborah Armstrong and Yvette Herrell. These legislators hail from both side of the political aisle, and they share their concerns, legislative agenda, as well as advice for constituents who want to make their voices heard in politics and the legislative agenda.

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Organized and facilitated by the New Mexico Nurses Association, these interviews coincide with RNFM Radio episode #144, wherein Keith and Kevin interviewed a plethora of nurses and nursing students who shared their excitement about the intersection of legislation, nursing and healthcare, both in New Mexico and throughout the country.

img_ana_identityBy listening to these fascinating interviews, you can learn how to be most effective in making your voice heard by those who make the laws, no matter where you live and work. You can also hear about legislation currently making its way through the New Mexico legislature, which may lead you to consider how such legislation is being enacted and debated—or not—in your state, province, or country.

This episode of RNFM Radio is a radical departure from our usual format, and a further taste of the power of podcasting to reach thousands with impactful and timely inspiration and information.


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