Marrying Integrative Medicine and Health Coaching EPS 146


In this episode of RNFM Radio, we interview Boston-based acupuncturist Geoff DePaula and nurse coaching pioneer Linda Bark. Through IM Health, DePaula’s cutting edge company, Bark and DePaula have found the perfect marriage between integrative therapies and health coaching.

Linda_Bark Geoff DePaula

IM Health‘s website shares a vision and mission with which RNFM Radio is very much aligned:

Vision: To completely transform the current disease-centered model of healthcare in the U.S. into a proactive, integrative and holistic medicine paradigm of healthcare!

Mission: To prove in the real world, with real people, and real dollars, that an integrative approach to healthcare has better health outcomes and costs less than conventional care alone.

IMHealthLinda Bark’s Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy (of which Keith is a graduate), continues to train cutting-edge coaches who can guide clients in achieving incredible outcomes in many life areas. And in partnership with IM Health, Linda’s coaches work directly with clients on powerful and exciting health-related goals and lifestyle changes.


This podcast conversation demonstrates that IM Health is on the cutting edge, and that opportunities for nurse coaches are burgeoning. Thus, nurses interested in coaching and integrative medicine have a stellar future ahead of them. Diabetic coaching is central to the work being done at IM Health, and there are corporate wellness programs as well as a new diabetes coaching program specifically for the general public.



Links for IM Health:

Links for Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy:



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