An infectious attitude: Now there’s a cure for you.


If you weren’t already aware that Jamie G. Dougherty from is going to be on RN.FM Radio this Monday September 10th, at 9PM EST, then where have you been? Wherever you are let me just say that you are not going to want to miss this show. I’m pumped, and you want to know why? Well, Jamie’s got the attitude. This is the kind of “tude” that’s infectious, not obnoxious.

Jamie speaks on the topics of eating well, unadulterated self-care, body love, and authenticity while maintaining (and enhancing) your life each and every day.

She inspires ladies (and adventurous men) to get real and get back in the kitchen through exciting, tasty, and often hilarious cooking classes.

What she mentions below is definitely one of my all time fav mantras to everyone I mentor whether it’s your business, your health, or whatever we may be discussing at that very moment. Here is just a taste of what you’re going to be getting on Monday night’s show:

Here’s another topic that I would love to have our followers and listeners write us or call in about. What toxic truths are holding you back?

Jamie, I’ve got a back up mic for the interview because I have a feeling that the positive energy from this show is going to set my mic on fire. Looking forward to having you on and certainly looking forward to having our community spend a little time with you whether live here or archived on iTunes here. Now go clear your schedge and Tune in!

Follow Jamie at, on Twitter, Facebook, and of course subscribe to her YouTube channel above.

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