A Holiday Message From Nurses ROC Network!


Please enjoy this guest post from Erica Leach, our friend and RN.FM Radio alum from Nurse ROC Network!

I cannot believe we’re here at the end of the year. The fabulous holidays are upon us and we will be ringing in the year of 2014 in less than 4 weeks. OMG, how time flies.

Nurses looking to create, grow and explode financially need the business know-how, the biz savvy mindset, the strategic business growth model, and so on. The key word here is BUSINESS.

We all know your legal nurse consulting business, your jewelry business, your home health business cannot grow without understanding and strategically applying the proper business tools and tactics.

Right?! I didn’t hear ya’s…RIGHT?!

As the New Year floats in, many of us like to start it off with a bang, hoping the rest of the year will follow suit. We also hope that we can stick to what we start and that we take huge strong leaps to get us closer to our goals.

Well, in the spirit of the holidays and the new year, Nurses ROC Network wants to give away a FREE Biz-School for Nurses training program!!

 Oh Em Gee!!!

Yepola, that’s what I said, and we’re choosing one freakin’ special nursepreneur (maybe two..who knows?) to win this special opportunity!

If you need to learn more about the Biz-School, click here to see the Biz-School training program that’s worth $2,000.00!! (Actually, I think it’s worth more than that because our graduating students are kickin’ @$$, increasing their client list and bringin’ in more cashola than they were before the program!)

Being that the holidays are upon us and we just love, love, LOVE the holidays, we’re giving back with our first ever business scholarship giveaway!

Best of all – it really is free! There are no gimmicks, no sales punch lines, no fast talkin’, and no tiny words at the bottom that you know you can’t read telling you that ya gotta pay for something first!

For those of you who participate but are not chosen as the winner, you will automatically receive a first time everrrr (and possibly last time) 30% discount for the Biz-School for Nurses program, a discount that  will be good until February 3, 2014!!

Check out the details here.

And remember, ya gotta be in it to win it!

Happy holidays!


Erica Leach, RN, CLNC, Nurse Expert

 ~Revealing the hidden clues that provide a winning result!

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