Happy Birthday, RN.FM Radio!


It was one year ago, in January of 2012, when RN.FM Radio first hit the digital airwaves. Germinated through the magical potential of social media and the real-life connections that are indeed possible in that space, a new vision for nursing was born.

Anna Morrison and I met on Twitter in 2011, and as our connection and mutual recognition grew, we expanded our friendship to include connecting via Facebook and email. Rare as it is in this digitally-focused 21st century, we quickly decided that our burgeoning connection would benefit greatly from actually speaking on the telephone, and that first conversation resulted in Anna and I agreeing that we most desired to reach nurses with a vehicle that was new to us both—internet radio.

With my blessings, Anna reached out to her online friend, Kevin Ross of Innovative Nurse. Excited about the potential power of this nursing triumvirate, we had an epic Skype conversation (lasting more than three hours) that resulted in the birth of RN.FM Radio by the time we hung up the (virtual) phone.

Ideas flowed like a stream swollen with snowmelt and spring rain, and we all realized quite quickly that we had created something special, a creation whose time had come (and that would resonate with many nurses looking for something more).

Focusing at first on nurse entrepreneurs, there was no shortage of nurses doing interesting things, from coaches and authors to leading nurse business owners. Nurse authors also came quickly to our attention, and the list continued to grow as word got out that a new venue for nurse innovators had come into being.

After several heady and successful months, Anna decided to leave the show for other pursuits, and Kevin and I were left wondering if two “dudes” could successfully market and broadcast a show for and about nursing. Apparently, it was indeed possible, and RN.FM Radio only continued to grow in popularity, reach, breadth and depth throughout 2012.

Now, 2013 has dawned, and we’re ready to bring you even more inspiring content, awesome guests, roundtable discussions, and our ever-expanding list of archived shows available on both our Blog Talk Radio site and as free podcasts on iTunes. By the end of the year, we’ll be close to 100 episodes under our belt, and we’re thrilled that interest in our vision for the future of the nursing profession is growing.

We want to convey our gratitude to all of the wonderful guests who brought their gifts, talents and enthusiasm to the show’s first year. We’re also extremely grateful to our growing listenership—both on Blog Talk Radio and iTunes. Meanwhile, we also have many fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter, and that support means so much to us as we continue to create content that we deem important and timely for the nursing profession at large.

Thanks for being a part of the RN.FM Radio family, and we look forward to yet another exciting year of RN.FM Radio: Nursing Unleashed!


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