Embracing and Learning From Failure, RNFM Radio EPS 183


On episode 183 of RNFM Radio, Kevin brings forward the notion of failure, and how we can learn from failure in our personal and professional lives. In reality, Kevin says that he indeed “cozies up” to failure, allowing it to introduce him to a new way of doing something or looking at a problem.

CYECrv3UQAAgv45Meanwhile, Kevin admits that he has dismantled his entire office, even his standing desk, which was a brilliant hack of an Ikea unit. If you want to know how Kevin hacked that Ikea product in order to create his super duper standing desk, his popular YouTube video of that process is a great way to check it out and see Kevin Ross in action!

During the course of the conversation, Keith mentions having failed the NCLEX-RN exam when he first took that widely reviled standardized exam feared by so many nursing students. And dear Elizabeth can’t really think of any specific failures in her life, although a fallen holiday cake was reported from Ms. Scala’s home.

Perspective is indeed everything, and since the Chinese character for “crisis” is the same as the character for “opportunity”, so-called failure may not be failure at all!

Elizabeth shares that nurses need to allow others to help them, allowing your colleagues to support you and be there for you; asking for help isn’t a failure!

Here are some potential action steps for those who feel they need to make a pivot or otherwise shift away from a career or workstyle that isn’t working for them or has “failed”:

  • Identify the things you love to do
  • Identify what’s causing you angst
  • Identity what you like about yourself
  • Connect with your inner self, not just what others are doing or what they say you should do
  • Hire a coach
  • Go on a retreat, shut out the noise
  • Read “Nursing From Within” by Elizabeth Scala

Nursing From Within by Elizabeth Scala


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