Nurses are Storytellers | RNFM Radio EPS 258


Do you have a story to tell? Nurses have SO many stories — do they ever get told? If so, who do we tell them to? And as nurses, we hear patients’ stories — what do we do with them once we hear them? Sean contends that we nurses are inherent storytellers but don’t even realize we are.

Everyone Has A Story

Keith and Sean are old time storytellers from their years as nurse bloggers and denizens of social media. So many others nurses are also telling their stories through books, blogs, social media, and podcasting.

Toxic workplace stories are not necessarily the ones we want to tell. Toxic stories can spread rumors and not have a positive effect on the workplace environment. We never want to feed into gossip and a negative organizational culture.

Is giving report a form of storytelling?

What’s the purpose of storytelling and the human oral tradition?

Have you engaged in therapeutic use of self with a patient? Was it effective?

Mentorship, teaching, and precepting can involve storytelling as a form of teaching.

Resources mentioned in this episode: 

The Nurse’s Story by friend of the pod, Carol Gino, a consummate nurse storyteller

A very old RNFM Radio episode with Carol Gino

Wisdom of the Body by Sherwin Nuland

RNFM Radio episode 130: Nurses Speak with Sally Fox and Mary Rives.

The Twelve Rooms of the Nile, by Enid Shomer

RNFM Radio episode 68: Enid Shomer


In terms of Stump Sean, the question we posed this week was whether a DVT can cause a stroke. Can it?

Sean figured that an embolism from a DVT could certainly cause a stroke. But Ashley disagreed. Listen in and find out what was said!

Meanwhile, Sean stumped Ashley and Keith. What did he ask us?




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