You’re Never “Just a Nurse” | RNFM Radio EPS 257


Do you ever say that you’re “just” a nurse? Well, it’s time to stop. On this episode we talk all about how “just” is a four-letter word that should essentially be removed from nurses’ vocabulary. Just a nurse? Nurse a nurse practitioner? Just an LPN? You’re a nurse — period.

No, I'm not just a nurse.

Please check out the article by Donna Cardillo that we referenced.


In terms of Stump Sean, here are the questions we posed this week:

What is the most essential step in handwashing to effectively eliminate harmful microbes from the skin?

We also learned what the dirtiest part of the hand is. Do you know?

Finally, in what two U.S. states are practical nurses called LVNs instead of LPNs?



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