Are Nurses in Danger? | RNFM Radio EPS 253


On episode 253 of RNFM Radio, our main topic focuses on the dangers, violence, and injuries faced by nurses every day. The most disturbing story we’ve heard in a long time is that of a nurse who was held hostage, attacked, and repeatedly raped by a patient who was an inmate receiving medical care. The inmate was eventually killed in the standoff, and support for this nurse has been pouring in from around the country.Danger!

ZDoggMD’s moving videos about the situation and its aftermath are not to be missed. ZDogg has championed this woman’s story, and we can’t thank him enough for his vehement advocacy on her behalf. The hashtag he’s been using for this issue is #silentnomore.

And if you’d like to send a supportive note or card to this traumatized nurse, please do so using this address:

Delnor Nurse
PO Box 394
Sycamore IL 60178

In this segment, we also discussed a Robert Wood Johnson article from 2015 about the epidemic levels of violence faced by nurses in the workplace, as well as facts from the ANA’s “Handle With Care Factsheet” that outlines the grim statistics about nurses and workplace injuries.

Nursing Notes Segment

In the Nursing Notes segment of the show, Sean digs into the “July Effect” phenomenon, and how new medical residents are given an incredibly hard time when new rotations begin in July. Many people say you should never get sick in July since the new intern teams in teaching hospitals are too green to provide adequate care. Have you ever made fun of the new residents? Have you been mean or bullied them? Wanna know what we said? Tune in to the episode!


In our “Stump Sean” segment, Ashley posed the following question to Sean about IV adenosine:

True or false: Adenosine can be mixed with normal saline in a 20ml syringe and administered in this way, as opposed to administering the medicine and following it with a double saline flush.

Do you know the answer? Listen in to see how Sean did!

Source mentioned in this segment: Lopez-Palop, R., Saura, D., Pinar, E., Lozano, I., Pérez-Lorente, F., Picó, F., & Valdez, M. (2004). Adequate intracoronary adenosine doses to achieve maximum hyperaemia in coronary functional studies by pressure derived fractional flow reserve: a dose response study. Heart, 90(1), 95–96.

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