Launching a Podcast for Your Business, RNFM Radio EPS 245


We’ve been podcasting for a while, and we know that people just LOVE listening to valuable content while they’re working out, driving, doing laundry, or even changing a diaper. (What did that baby EAT???)

Is this thing on?

For your business, podcasting is an awesome way to connect with your audience and do amazing content marketing right between your potential customers’ ears!

And you know what? Podcasting is fun! And you can really reach your audience in a dynamic, amazing way.

In order to launch a successful podcast, you’ll first need to choose a niche and create your podcast…right? 

And consider: podcasting is SO much easier than video — there’s no makeup, hairstyling, or cameras! And the editing is easier, too — basically 25% of the editing effort as video editing. Really and truly.

Plus the startup equipment isn’t prohibitively expensive.

A decent mic will cost you about $60; we recommend the Audio Technica ATR 2100. hosting on Libysn (our preferred podcast hosting service) is about $20 a month (less if you don’t want analytics). You can download Audacity (a free web-based audio editing tool) or GarageBand, the native audio editing app on iOS (Apple devices).

If you eventually want to take it to the next level and use a handheld recorder like we do, this is the one — or this more basic model.

Meanwhile, the Pulse Media Network provides a solution for podcasters: the production team, tech skills, and promotion/marketing team that can help you get launched and take it to the stratosphere and keep from “pod-fading”. It’s all about the Pulse Media community of podcasters and the listener group!

Support = success!

You can leverage a podcasting career into a speaking career because people will already know what you sound like and how you communicate.

If you want to podcast in the interest of your business, hit us up and let’s talk, folks!

Your time and attention is off the hook!

We want to thank each and every one of you for listening to the podcast!

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